About Us

The designer Saira Khan Nasir has more than 20 years experience in women’s fashion. She started her journey by designing traditional shalwar kameeze into modern classic style.

Mahas Classics by Saira is an independent fashion brand that offers a range of Ready-to-Wear women’s clothing. It caters for women of all ages and for all occasions, including casual to semi formal and formal wear.

We believe in change in transforming the conventional to contemporary. We take pride in merging traditional techniques with contemporary silhouettes to create visually appealing versatile outfits. Most importantly, we celebrate that each one of us is unique and want to encourage a sense of individuality. To keep this in mind  each one of our garments carefully crafted that no one piece is the same, this is to cater to the varieties of tastes and to encourage our customer to be confident in their individuality and help them realise their own unique style so they can wear our garment with pride and reflect their own personalities through the clothes.

Our philosophy is based on taking influences from traditional wear and adding a contemporary twist to it. Hand pick luxurious fabrics all sourced from Pakistan we closely work with our team of embroiders and tailors there to create meticulously designed individual pieces.

To encourage some diversity, we have added some leading fashion brands from Pakistan in our collection along with our own label.

We strive to improve our brand and customer services day by day!